V/H/S 99 Trailer Reveals Wild Horror Anthology Franchise Return

The V/H/S 99 trailer arrives, revealing the wild horror movie anthology franchise’s return with a collection of terrifying new stories.

The official trailer dropping for V/H/S/99 marks the return of the found-footage horror anthology franchise. The newest installment in the V/H/S series is to be released on October 20, and it is set to bring fans of the franchise all new horrifying short stories tied together with the classic VHS aesthetic. Although it looked like the days of found-footage horror were well behind us, it seems the people are not yet done with the handheld horror experience.

Given the most recent in the series, V/H/S/94, was Shudder’s most watched release of 2021, it was only a matter of time before a sequel came into fruition. The fifth installment of the V/H/S series follows the footsteps of the movies before it, except this time with the help of horror writers Maggie Levin, Johannes Roberts, and many more. With five new terrifying stories, viewers will get to experience a whole new batch of horror as the series makes its entrance into the new millennium.

With less than a month remaining until its premiere, Shudder has released the V/H/S 99 trailer. Set to the tune of Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life,” the video offers a look at the horror movie anthology franchise’s return, with a variety of brutal and terrifying new stories. Check out the exciting trailer above:

V/H/S 99 Joins Large List of October Horror Releases

It is hard to talk about horror franchises without going into the other slew of October horror releases. The reboot of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire kicked off the horror month, paving the way for the release of the latest Hellraiser movie from The Night House’s David Bruckner. As top-heavy as the month seems to be, the heavy hitters are still yet to be seen, with the end of David Gordon Green’s time with Michael Myers taking the form of Halloween Ends, set to release on October 14. The month also comes to a close with a few other horror releases, the most notable of which being Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, another anthology series set to grace Netflix beginning October 25.

It will be interesting to see how V/H/S/99 combines the found-footage tropes with Y2K angst, however the combination alone should excite fans of the throwback horror genre. There was no direct mention of Y2K in the trailer, however the trailer’s description mentioning a leap into the ‘hellish new millennium’ leaves little to the imagination. Whether it is a distinct theme or not, it will be nice to see a throwback to a classic genre involved in what should be a horror-loaded October when V/H/S/99 premieres on Shudder on October 20.

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