A review of the game Army Men II


We all were once young children (no exceptions). The boys ran around with wooden weapons, representing the soldiers, and the girls were playing with dolls. But we all were troopers! We had battles in the kitchen, in the garden, and wherever it was possible. From the treetops we were throwing soldiers, paratroopers, on the water sailed a fleet of ships, tanks roamed the expanse of the kitchen table. Oddly enough, plastic and tin war, raised children, not warlike tyrants, and individuals, capable of great acts of strategic thinking. Oh, what was the time…

In 1999, the company “Global Star Software” together with “The 3DO Company” has developed the sequel to the game “Army Men”. She, like her predecessor, kids battle in a virtual way, but everything remained as before. The basis of the game is battle of two armies of plastic soldiers, green, and brown. Since 1998, the time of creation of the first part, nothing has changed. More than anything (the plot) is not, as in childhood. We did not pursue more complex goals, has not received control over the territory (if it wins). The greens want to defeat formidable, brown soldiers of the Chinese plastic. And they, in turn, rid the kitchen (and later the whole world) from the green invaders. But those players who are still an important background to the game, there are several options: a long-standing feud, betrayal, war over resources, or easy to notice the similarity with the great Patriotic war.

As in the first part, we play the role of a brave Green commander, ready to give plastic heart for his men. He is a true hero and worthy leader. It copes with all types of transportation, whether passenger or heavy tank military jeep. Shoots plastic weapons and accurately throwing grenades. This soldier fear of the unknown, in both senses of the meaning. This commander will be hundreds, and even thousands of green soldiers. Wherever you go, whether the expanse of the kitchen or threat thick grass in the yard. They are willing to win at any cost, making their way on their bellies using toothpicks and fighting off huge cockroaches. Anything can become weapons to turn the tide of battle. These soldiers more courage and bravery than plastic. They will do anything to win will be in their hands!

The game “Army Men 2” may seem slightly childish for a bearded uncle. These soldiers will return you back to the days of the downed knees and foam jelly. Also, requires strong nerves, reaction of a strategist and the ability to move my stuff under the helmet. Not always luck will smile to the player. It is time to return the time of the campaigns, battles on the sofa and on the kitchen table. The war just ended. We grew up and forgot how he started, making become brave warriors. Decades later the world has changed, the computer has become a necessity. At him and moved the childhood of today’s youth. So the soldiers got a second life, they were raised for one generation!

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