A review of the game Leisure Suit Larry: in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (VGA) and (AGI)


The title of the article, and the Ministry of health will not play, the game actually contains moments of piquant character and we are not talking about the Eastern spices. So we ask children to be removed away from computer screens – about ten meters or twenty!

Game developer – Sierra also was trying to protect the game from the minors, creating a “Test of maturity” — a series of different issues. Answered twice incorrectly, you’re eliminated from the game, but we can try again. Sometimes, because of skutocnosti question, it was impossible exactly to know the answer. So “Test of adulthood” are not allowed to play as the teenager and adults. “Larry leisure Suit in the Country of the Idle Lizard” — made a splash in the world of quests, in General this has happened with any game, broadcasted from Sierra. In this article, I wanted to pay attention to the game mechanics, story, design and the most character. So sit back in a chair and we’ll begin! Many complained about the game mechanics in the original version 1987. Indeed, the text character control is pretty awkward and crooked thing. But in the VGA remake in 1991, text control is replaced on the steps at the top of the screen.

“How to distinguish that quest from Sierra ?” — you should not cram it all in memory, there is a more efficient way. Any quest from Sierra contains humour, adventure without humor is like a bird without wings. The first part is literally filled with sea, no, ocean of humor. This “bearded” jokes, and “American humor” and more. Another distinguishing feature is the variety of deaths of the main character. Larry Lafter may die: hit by a car, hard strokes thug in the alley without paying the taxi driver – and, despite the tragedy of the case is all the fun nowhere. And so developed a strategy for the passing game: how not to die, and other details. One of those tricks you know I developed a he accidentally, in the course of the game. This is a game on a slot machine with cards (who played knows what this car is the easiest way to win the required amount of money) before the game is saved after every win on the slot machine too. That’s the whole trick to winning with this strategy — a mere trifle.

How did the game know not many, but I’ll tell you the story. After finishing work on King’s Quest III, needed a fresh original idea. Quests in the game market is not that diversity founded on saving anything from anybody. And games created for more adult audience was not here and had a chance to update the variety of quests. The conversation turned on the very ancient text quest from Sierra’s Softporn Adventur. This text adventure is the only text adventure game from Sierra, the rest was graphic quests. Al Lowe – Creator Larry decided to once again play this game, he believed it was outdated and found in Softporn Adventur a whole list of reason: the story is almost nonexistent, “vaguely” expressed the character, the game control is not clear – in General the game needs to be updated. Al Lowe has agreed to focus on creating new games, but only if you give him plenty to laugh at outdated style of play, and “that game is so backward that needs to wear a leisure suit”

Still have all the old versions of the game: the locations, characters and puzzles, but added the missing humor and some of the details. At the time, Sierra was the lack of skilled artists, they paid for the work by Mark Crowe for 4 weeks. Time was running out, and Crowe worked on weekends and at night, but will be within a short period of time could not. Since the game was small, all work on the AGI version was completed in 3 months. Al Lowe was afraid that the game will be perceived not so much because of the “adult” nature. Lowe decided to undertake beta testing of the game to understand the intended reaction to the game. In the process of testing he didn’t like that the game does not take most player input words. Low fixed this problem by adding hundreds of new answers. The testing and dovidenia games to mind took another two months, and finally, in June 1987, Larry goes on sale.

The developers were afraid of negative reaction to the game, yet they were able to combine incongruous: a Comedy, “adulthood” and gameplay in one adventure game. So that the reaction could be anything: from very negative to most positive. Sierra was afraid of angry shouts in his side and did not carry out is Larry. At the end of July 1987, there were only 4 thousand of sold copies of the game. It was a complete failure for Sierra, Larry Laffer could put your leisure suit pixel in the pixel suitcase, pension for Latter was provided. Al Lowe decided that simply spent 6 months of life and began to develop the first part of Police Quest. And while the game learned more and more, still cost an advertising company. But things went well at the beginning of 1988 there were more than 250 thousand sold copies of the game – that was a definite commercial victory for Sierra. The most interesting thing that has sold a lot more guide than copies of the game. What is the best evidence of the spread of a huge pirate parties.

At the end of this story I immediately wanted to go to the very character of the eternal loser in love Larry Laffer. Larry Laffer’s whole life was ordinary, gray “the nerd”, but, in the end, received the profession of programmer. Housing had shared with his mother and brother, friends and girls were not. 38 years interested life, reading adult magazines, and so on. He was so fascinated by this thing that couldn’t concentrate at work. One of these days fired him, and when he returned home, he discovered that he sold, and his mother went on vacation. At this moment Larry started to run amuck. He took a spontaneous decision to move in Lost-Veygas (spent pay, a hint of Las Vegas). Where buys the famous poliestrowy suit and gold medallion on a chain. His vehicle – a Volkswagen beetle he sells to the dump for 94 dollar, and turns out “Lefty’s Bar”, where begins the whole Saga of life on the computers to Larry. During the game Larry twice married and had a real love – Passionate Patti, who had disappeared in the sixth part, but the “Official book Larry leisure suit” argued that in this period, Laffer maintained a relationship with her. The fate of these relations is unknown. Also Larry has a famous ancestor – great-great-grandfather “Zircon Jim” Laffer. In the game “Freddy pharkas, Frontier pharmacist with,” he was one of the minor characters in the game. That such a situation had expected Larry Laffer throughout life: the people laugh and still be a heartthrob!

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