A review of the game Neighbours from Hell PC-version


Surely, the night gets you loud music? Neighbor drilled with a drill the whole wall? Not stopping, loud barks of his dog? Or he’s just playing on your piano when you are sleeping? Law enforcement agencies in this case will not help — you have to know how to deal with it. You need to know how to get a neighbor!

“Neighbours from Hell” — this game will teach you to cope with your neighbors. Great tutorial! The neighbors would think several times before you pick up the drill. The original European name of the “Neighbors from hell”, and in Russia it was called “neighbours from hell”. The protagonist of the game, woody will teach you all the subtleties and intricacies to give violators the rest back. Just do not overdo it to use those jokes in real life — you may be interested in our precious police. The entire game is presented as a series in which our hero is engaged in the main role. Since the beginning of the game, we have to choose a series (level) and season (open only two: “the Pilot episode” and “Season 1”). The old start from the beginning, the first of a series of training season. The first steps, literally, we were taught Director named Joe. Also, introduce a film set in which will be the expensive apartment roomies. While it is an empty three rooms, without furniture and Wallpaper. In a series of “more – More” we will show in more detail the goal of the game and introduce an enemy that terrorized us day and night, with the neighbor Mr. Rottweiler. All this evil “dumpling” is abhorrent, his action, we generally keep quiet! Cute appearance nature also cheated: beer belly “courageously” sticking out from under the gray shirt and shaggy brown hair adorn the plump hands of a neighbor. On your feet wearing the hotel Slippers are pink in colour and the belly hangs down in loose dark green pants home, rolled up almost to his knees. The Mr appearance of the Rottweiler pug: large nose, protruding teeth, ears back and “Brezhnev” eyebrows.

In the same series will show in detail how to get a neighbor of itself – first the fun. This is only the first steps, so to speak – just the beginning… this game will show us a more serious jokes. After each done the trick we show how the neighbour will react to it, for example, if we put on the floor, colored glass beads, a neighbor, noticing them, go into the room. Slipping on beads, Mr. Rottweiler will raise to the ceiling and comically stretched on the floor! The first trick is scored – the neighbor in a rage. For every trick woody gets a rating viewers (after all, this show, if you haven’t forgotten), which will be reflected in the lower right corner of the screen. Although the level of anger on the neighbor’s woody is different, evidenced by the amount of rage on the “thermometer of rage” in the lower left corner, near “thoughts (actions) neighbor.” As soon as the neighbor notices a dirty trick, “the anger thermometer” starts off scale, and then slowly to cool down. If filth follows filth, and the neighbor does not have time to cool, woody gets extra points. After passing level, we will show the audience the final evaluation, it should be minimum or greater than it, otherwise you’ll have to redo the level. At the end of the training, in the series “let’s Go!” Director Joe introduces us with what will occur in the next series. How to sneak past the animals, it’s a skill we’re going to try out on a neighbor’s dog. When soruka sees woody, she starts to bark, the sound of barking uses the neighbor regardless of what he was doing and where he was. If you have already gone — the neighbor just cursing the dog and not managed to slip away, the neighbor will satisfied with woody disassembly will show a couple of wrestling techniques that Mr. Rottweiler seen on TV. Except the dog, the drone is able to raise a parrot and Chile, Oh, good was a parrot, later it was waiting for a terrible fate. In the third season, on the wall in the office, a neighbor was hanging his head. That’s how bad it is to have a neighbor hunter! After successfully done mischief, because it is necessary where-that to hide! This, too, will teach a series of “Go!”. While this is only the wardrobe, and later there will be a bed…

Now you can start with the first season! The apartment is already decorated with furniture, Wallpaper, Windows curtains, and the sofa is a neighbor. It is time to destroy this idyll! But the players may encounter such problem as limitation in time. At each level allocated a certain number of minutes, but this problem can be resolved by going to “Settings” on the main menu. As you know, the goal is different ways to get a neighbor, collecting various objects in all parts of the house. But with each level of mischief is becoming more and more. Woody will have to work hard. Prevents neighbor who walks around the apartment back and forth, making it difficult to create a continuous chain of pranks. Facilitate the work-screen action of a neighbor (about which I wrote a few lines above). Also the fact that during the level performs the same operation, which greatly simplifies the game. After going through all the episodes in the first season, the player will receive a statuette of a neighbor. Depending on the audience, it can be bronze, silver or gold. Such a statue we get every season. In the second season there will be new rooms: bedroom and balcony. Interestingly, when our dear neighbor had to do the repair?.. In the same season, there will be a meeting with two of the neighbor animals: a parrot, we were talking about with the pig, who was waiting for a similar fate. Just cute pink animal, except the head on the wall, and went on a barbecue (series picnic on the balcony). There is also a reference to the woman who gave birth to a neighbour of his mother. In a series of “Art requires sacrifice”, roomie, in order to please his mother, did gifts the eighth of March. One such gift was the statue upright. Sorry PC owners did not manage to see Mrs. Rottweiler. In the console versions, where the levels of the first and second parts were mixed together, the players could see the mother. And for not having the console, my mom appeared in the second part of the game “Hell Holidays”. In the third season of a neighbor will appear and the basement (a lot of money from people)! Okay, we will not look into someone else’s wallet. And the neighbor will acquire the fish for the decoration of the interior of the Cabinet. Appears dog, who disappeared without a trace in the second season of the game. After passing the third season, it will have to be preprohormone in later parts of the game. In conclusion, I can say one thing: dear neighbors, do not reach people who live near you. Maybe I’ll find someone who will like the game and will be out for revenge. Then, get ready!

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