A review of the game The Neverhood


Why we play games — to kill time to entertain themselves. Recently the game began to do with very good graphics, Yes there good, perfect. The plot is incomprehensible, the soundtrack in the background does not fit into the overall picture, but better than if you look out the window. Such games, and take on play and games with a decent storyline, but with less good graphics gathering dust on the shelves. Occasionally come across games which are pleasure to watch: acceptable graphics, exciting plot and the ease of the game …

One such game is The Neverhood. Quest has no equal, first, because of the design of the game made entirely of clay. Secondly, “trust in evil” filmed a time-lapse camera. Chief game designer is an artist and writer Douglas Ten-Napl, more known for creating Earthworm Jim game. The manufacturer is already clear that there will be a lot of humor. Mostly do quests and humor, to recall the famous series of games Leisure Suit Larry, and here in The Neverhood humor neatly complements the game without spoiling the plot. The idea of creating a fanciful world originated in 1988, only then the submission was of clay city. Apparently the name of the main character — Glynco not chosen by chance. Seven years later, Douglas is drawn to DreamWorks Interactive, with a goal to create a plasticine world. So I passed and another year, a joint work of Microsoft and Dreamworks Interactive is wasted in September on the shelves turns out The Neverhood. In November, the game could enjoy and gamers Russia. As reported officially, the creation of the game took three tons of clay. For the translation of this masterpiece is taken as “Uncle risech” and “Fargus”. There is not without blunders: from Uncle risech do not have to place hints of the Windows and the beer is Tuborg, in the Hall of fame is jokes; The “Fargus” instead of the Hall of fame is a complete walkthrough and all full of typos! The Neverhood is confusing in the extreme and if not twenty magazines we are looking for throughout the game — on cassettes explains the whole game, why made so, and not otherwise. In spite of the small drawbacks in the game, its nice to play to this day and even after ten years it would be nice to play.

A little more about twenty magazines, they tell the whole story of the creation of a plasticine world. Tells the history of the world, the best friend Glynco — Willie Trombone. The player will have to save the whole world Neverhud — defeat the evil usurper, Clogga. At the end of the game we have to make a choice between good and bad side, the ending also has to change. Although the game has a third, more humorous ending. Glynco, after wash away all the water from the lake and descend into the pit, jumps into the drain hole and falls into the abyss of space.

Neverhood Songs

The soundtrack to The Neverhood wrote Terry Scott Taylor. Soundtracks gently complement the gameplay and are no less recognizable than the game itself. At the same time with The Neverhood was released on a single disc with 39 songs, all these compositions were performed during the course of the game.

Now I wanted to go to the main character of this game, to Glynco (Klaymen). “Looked like this character?” — remembers any gamer who played this claymation masterpiece at least five minutes. Let’s start from the top: a brown hair, two long narrow slits of eyes, plump “casinoonline” lips. On the body wearing a red shirt with three buttons, solid colors. If a player for a long time not moving the mouse across the screen, Glynco presses the middle button in order to Wake the player. And the left and right buttons need to open a door located in the belly of the hero. Glynco is large, as the rake arms on the right wearing a brown glove. On your hips tightened as well as brown shorts. The character he is not very active and talkative, all the things he does quietly and slowly, throughout the game, he utters one word — his name. Overall — a great game that makes you think logically, but it has humorous videos — insertion, which relax and distract from the tension of the game.

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