Affordable holidays in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


If you want to relax in the evening for some old game, The Legend of Zelda, perhaps the best option. Specifically, Twilight Princess, today’s subject of analysis.

Since 1986 the series was and remains a model of excellent game design. Insanely popular in the West and the East, we have Zelda has a bad reputation. Now a lot of people from journalists and bloggers trying to convince the Russian-speaking audience. I will take as a given your understanding of the genius of developers from Nintendo and will share their experiences from their creations.

About The Legend of Zelda want to speak of it as a series. Nintendo would put a monument for the development of their franchise. Changing subjects, styles, graphics and Central gameplay mechanics, each of the following manages to keep afloat of trends, carefully keeping the tradition.

In the mid-2000s, there was a need for a bigger, Zelda. Had to refresh the series and to be able to turn the blockbuster on the new console in front of the nose of all segments of the audience. Aonuma Eiji and Shigeru Miyamoto, the first creators, the company has created a Twilight Princess.

Best version

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was released in three versions. In 2006, there were just two versions: for here kaneshige to Fly a brand new GameCube and Wii. In the second case added the chips with the Wii Remote controller and mirror your image. Link is left — handed, the player would be uncomfortable to swing the sword.

If you ever watch the original, the inverted image will be an eyesore. Wiimote fully reveal their potential in the future Skyward Sword, here also bolted for show. This is not for us.

Comes to the aid of a relatively recent HD re-release in 2016 for Wii U. the Image is correctly oriented, there are several management options with the second screen on the gamepad, textures are drawn up to a decent level.

Recommend to play on the emulator is not accepted, but if you can’t afford a Wii U emulator CEMU exceeded all expectations. Not only that, the graphics are excellent, and there is no subsidence FPS, unlike postgenomic version on Dolphin! All screenshots will be from the latest edition in 1080p.

Two princesses

We know that there is an unusual guy of link, Princess Zelda is waiting for him in the castle, to offer a mission to save the Kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon. Know, because this terminal event almost never changes. Changing minor characters, on whom the emphasis, details and level of production.

In the first seconds we met movie with the usual conversation on the shore of the lake. The link leads a quiet life in the village of Ordon, herding goats, learns the swordsman Rasla, spends time with childhood friend, Elijah. Such a peaceful entry lasts an hour. Except that the kids have to save.

Meanwhile, the castle is attacked by a magician Zant from the world of twilight. Princess Zelda is forced to drop the sword to his power and to stay in the tower a prisoner. Most of the land of Hyrule plunged into darkness, and the people become ghosts.

Monsters have stolen all the children from Ordon. Even Link. But he, passing the wall of the twilight, turned into a wolf. This is quite an unusual property for a person. The property that you want to use for your own purposes being Miden. Little devil sits astride the wolf, brings the beast out of prison and leads to the tower, a dark figure with a Royal crown on her head.

First, the relationship between the partners, like the hostess with the animal.

With Miden, we will hold the entire game, constantly changing the appearance of a wild beast. Of course, all story elements are reflected in the gameplay. Without my partner there was no one to give advice by pressing LB, move objects through the portals and to note the ledges for climbing to inaccessible places.

The story, environment, music aimed at creating a gloomy, decadent atmosphere with a bit of hope, shining far away on the horizon. Look, even the green tunic, Link’s kind of faded.

Around the ruins, wandering monsters, the inhabitants of some problems. In the beginning all the people have to survive, the fate of all hanging in the balance. The humor is almost there, except the light brand. But more strong scenes. Zelda is a style. And the lady in distress was not a playful girl and haughty Princess twilight on a cracked throne.

Zelda only plays a minor role in the story. All the attention to another character.

The authors love the concept of two worlds. Go to copy of the same places as in A Link to the Past, do not have, but in the early game should free 4 region, absorbed into the gloom. They look a little different, and act there must be another way.

In fact, this is such a great prologue. Three times go, look for spirits of the sphere of light. But the game is much more diverse than it seems in those moments. Only after 11 hours after this “prologue”, you will discover all of Hyrule, and begin a real adventure.

The passage as it is divided into 2 halves. It is a tradition of the series. In Ocarina it was. The story holds tightly in the grip of the whole prologue, wakes up on the equator and the epic two-hour finale. Her little, talk about it in a negative part of the review. But it touches their characters.

Friends of nightmares

Instead of heroes of the four peoples to the fore the common people. The villagers to ADJ Ust your, the Gordon and travelers from the bar of Thelma. They are funny, some are tied, I want to visit. But they have strange designs! This was done on purpose? Then an awkward grimace of bewilderment in response they achieved.

There are things that can not afford the harsh Western RPG. Toddler Little pack of kids of Ordon become a cult figure among the merchants of Hyrule. His aggressive advertising will reach the capital. Not argue, offers and prices are really the best. Little devil.

Elijah the uncertain role. From the beginning, the daughter of the headman served as the romantic interest of Link. However, it shows greater proximity to the horse of chirianca, and later sits and waits, when her will save, and everything will be back to normal. As this line comes to a standstill, they are more like brother and sister. In addition, there is who wants to really sympathize with.

Miniature imp, named Miden — one of the best characters of the series. It develops in the course of history, takes the character and follows a clear explanation. And by the way, she has a voice! Unfamiliar language voiced melody, passed through the filter. Sounds like the other flirting. So that’s the Association. It is a theme.

Just look at the fancy design with the creepy mask always curious. But twilight spirit is not for beauty, it has a real use in gameplay. This further connects Midna with Link and the player. Because the final was so complete. Thanks to this one character.

Sidekick the best in the series.

The villain is Zant, turned hyrule into the brown world of lost spirits, deserves attention due to unusual motivation. Well, that is, it is not limited to the desire to capture Traitors and rule the Kingdom. Largely thanks to him that the game is so dark and sinister.

It is no secret that Ganondorf returned as the main guy. It is a pity that so little of it. The design is impressive, and the battle with him… well, you know what Zelda final battle. Light, memorable, breathtaking.

The path of the Savior of Hyrule

Twilight Princess is an action-adventure with RPG elements. Moreover, these elements are so allocated that some consider the adventures of Link the JRPG genre. It was quite fair to the last Breath of the Wild.

The basic structure is unchanged — the world is gradually getting items. Hook for clinging to the mesh, the boomerang to spin the propellers — each new device allows it to penetrate into previously inaccessible places.

In modern parts of Zelda in the important area of the world let the plot. But to look for new manholes in the world with a full Arsenal at hand, you dozens of hours. For added variety five mini-games and as soon as it becomes stale quests in open spaces, will be the turn of specialities dungeons.

Don’t expect a mindless passing. With riddles will have to deal with constantly. Often the game does not say what to do. Such a quest element. I would never have guessed how to break the ice in the realm of Zora. However, the solutions are always logical. Surprisingly. One has only to apply the skills that you were taught commercials 5 hours ago, otherwise.

One of the last locations where the just will not start.

Many complain that at some point you have to find a way myself. “Go and find the pieces of mirror in the middle of nowhere”. I did not have any problems with navigation. The game always gives you apt tips, you always have a bar where travellers can help with the map.

For ease of path finding in General is to Express my great respect for the game designers. You can head to break, trying, for example, to float on the river to the castle. The output is always brilliant and simple. In this case you are exhausted to flop on the beach and realize that look directly at the little house of the boatman! You simply never allowed in the guise of a wolf. Didn’t care whose house it is.

But I am the first who is always complaining about the place where need to spend time on tiresome search of a trigger to continue the story. No complaints here, Hyde is not required. Strikes a perfect balance in the difficulty of puzzles, battles, the search for the way.

Fight like a wolf

The combat system is pretty simple. Moved from The Wind Waker, where to get and engine. Not bytemap, rather, the next task is how to cope with the combination of enemies in a certain environment, losing less lives.

First, it is better to get a lock on the target. The top and bottom of the screen, black bars will appear. Now will be available to the rapids for a spin, leap, blocks with a shield. Some items help to pull flying enemies or to break the ice.

Later there will be heavy knights, blocking all damage from the front. Yes, and several. There will begin to work a good innovation, or rather, returning the study of combat techniques from The Adventure of Link 1987.

Just seven receptions. A legendary hero in the shape of the skeleton will train the push shield, a circular back kick jump and so on. First you need to find and howl like a wolf on a special stone, but it’s worth it.

Fixation on the target simplifies the management and reveals the combat potential.

Form of a wolf, which I constantly mentioned, a separate layer of gameplay, including combat. Much easier to fight, sinking their fangs into victims. AoE jump attack, smashing a wad of stuff, and automatic destruction of all life within a certain radius — excessively strong arms.

Speaking of wolf, he will need to a few things that link can’t. In the mode of nose become visible to the human spirits and ghosts. Smell have to find a way, some “evidence” and people. A couple of times during the game to memorize the tune and profit her. It was to tie something on the music.

Where to go, when open all the way?

There are no two identical jobs. Except that time trials shall be replayed. There’s always a purpose, one that drives forward.

Scattered everywhere simple mini-games: fishing, flying on a huge bird, archery. For surveying in the dark corridors and training skill you get as valuables, and the local currency, rupees. For Wii U has added another set of seals.

At some point you’ll have a lot of money. Stores will run out of its usefulness. A common situation to role-playing games. The solution is quite elegant. Let me just say that you will be very eager to collect rupees. They will be “gasoline” for one useful thing.

Part of the heart is the greatest treasure. They need to find 5 to increase by one division of the scale of HP.

In the open world don’t want to walk in separation from the main journey. Yes, go one time all the old locations a joy. Seemed early elements of the scenery, became the points of interaction with objects. There are so many obvious secrets.

In the caves of Hyrule may be lucky to stumble upon a series of mini-dungeons. There is one very long with a series of dangerous rooms. I passed it the third time. Be prepared for this long race.

In spite of the fact that the map has a lot of unopened chests, marks of tests on speed and skill, not want to spend time with the prospect to achieve less than expected. Thought about the main quest outweigh these aggravating searches over large areas repeatedly.

On a ledge you can climb only with a hook. There from and of the heart in the chest, and a Ghost.

I said that the game without the guide. But it’s not about finding pieces of hearts, ghosts and insects. If you woke up the spirit of the gathering, and spend 50 hours running around here do not want that is fine, will have to look on gamefaqs, zelda universe, zeldadungeon, and other resources for explanations and maps. Russian-speaking guides almost no.

Although what was done with the search for more hearts, you can say thank you. In Hirotani is a fortune teller. If you ask her about love, will be a picture with the location of the desired bonus. Then it’s up to you. Also pay attention to the clue “love” in the dialogues. This is an allusion to the heart as an immediate reward.

The extension quiver of bags for bombs, big wallet, banks are the most important prizes. They more or less can be obtained by obvious quests. But the guide again is very handy. I would not recommend to spoil your impression, if tips were not necessary, believe me.

Why is it done? Zelda is a game about exploration. You will spend 50 hours and still not learn all of its secrets. You will be sharing your information with friends, to learn something from random sources. Each caught Ghost will be of infinite value. At least so it looks in Japan. We have climbed on website and glad.

The challenges in the dungeons

The key artifacts will have to move in hidden from prying locations. There are a couple of the original, but mostly it’s the old Death Mountain and the Temple of Time.

In each dungeon will present any subject. For example, the iron ball to break ice statues. New mechanics tied in the whole dungeon. In the desert temple will be a fun ride around the walls, and in the snow, that’s really unexpected, wandering around the mansion Bigfoot, checking the map of his wife.

This statue needs to come to life with a rod and navigate through all the dungeon in one piece.

In unraveling the mystery dungeon has its own romance. In the N64 they were sophisticated enough to need to go on YouTube for help. Here riddles are forced to rest against the wall, but should take a break as a fresh mind you will notice a loss of detail. Everything is built logically.

If anything, this is the first Zelda where I managed all the dungeons without any help. Even wanted to suffer! It all started with the underwater temple. Over the Internet, and I specifically did not update the account, to the evening sit down at the maze, having no way to retreat.

When you first get in a dungeon, the camera shows the whole system moves, until the tangled, clutching his head: “this need to understand?” But nothing, the temple was completed with great pleasure.

In the heavenly city it is easier to get lost than to fall into the clouds.

Good game design manifests itself most clearly here. You need to lead by example. In snow’s mansion, all the doors are tightly closed. With nowhere to go. Barely found the last available room. There’s a chest. “Hurrah, I thought, something useful!” And there is the compass.

The compass always, not only in this part is given at the end of the dungeons, to know where to apply the new skills to search parts of hearts, crystals, all sorts of bonuses. In the right places appear of the marks. I was very disappointed. Where to go?

After walking around 10 minutes, I began to think. I know I need to think more often. “What if compass is the right thing? But he’s for anything not necessary! Hmm, the map marker right in the middle of the room, but there’s nothing there. In the ground?” I turned into a wolf, dug a hole, and there’s a chest with a silver key! About it always happens, but the situation is never repeated.

Cosy townhouse — the last thing you’d expect to see as a “dungeon”.

Constantly adjust to new devices. With them in anticipation of rushing into the next room to do the things you’ve wanted to. The sense of progress is intoxicating, so strong.

If you think that the object on which a structure for specific dungeons will not be actively used in the future — wrong. In the second half of the game will have to constantly switch between wolf and human, think inventory fits in this situation; all in one room.

The bosses aren’t the problem

With the bosses the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, made Nelidovo. Several phases, a mandatory test of wit, the epic staging as a reward for the previous difficulties. Especially the final boss on the background of the castle, in the light of the sparks from the friction of the swords, but with the Princess back!

On the other hand, boss battles easy. What is not fatal, but slightly disappointing. Required only 1 attempt each. Yes, only one replay is not necessary. Except that you can not cope with the management of some new mechanics. But this one makes an attempt to study on the go, go wild and rejoice.

The fight with the dragon is quite long, but to die with so many hearts is impossible.

The spirit of adventure

The feeling of traveling really very dashing and addictive. Such feelings cause the best story or open world games. Skyrim, for example. But there is another genre. Manipulating delicate matters, he manages a lot as staging points, and no. I dragged a stray cat around town because he didn’t want to go home. What’s not to remember?

At some point, when the rails of the plot will be wider, you will enjoy the road. To shoot at full gallop from stray bubblenow, to swim in the lake Hylia. After sunset, you will feel the need to drive to friends in to ADJ Ust your.

And now, walking through the wilderness with a clear objective to see out of gloom neighbors, you will envy the cave blocked by the boulder on the hill. In the corridors you will come across crystals and supplies. Ten minutes will have to wander in the dark with the question: where am I and what are you doing here? But in the end, out into the light unexpected treat, be sure to exhale: “Worth it”.

The first thing that happened to me upon arrival in the capital city, I gave 30 rupees to some priest “in the name of love.” Then went to the fountain square, turned around, and said almost out loud: “In the fool!”

A lot of stories, despite the lack of sandbox and random events. Great job on the details and no magic.

The density of interesting objects on the location are high. Don’t look at the schedule — here is the view I wanted to photograph, and static doesn’t look good.

Holding back the applause

The brevity of the plot lines has its own charm. Like what I did with Miden. But not so! Miden, in fact, the only character with something like a closed line.

The Eli serves as an important Link for people. The player will worry about its fate in the clutches of bulblins, then you will not be able to talk. The excitement of Elijah drown in quests, then the game will end.

And so with all the characters. The authors believe that the scene with the hint in the ending redeems all 40-hour wandering in trying to help these people. No! If you are engaged, you tell the story, not subtly hinted at her!

On the other hand, Nintendo is not Square Enix. Expand the plot, and the integrity of the game can be broken. Very much would not prevent a couple of scenes with gameplay elements. Like the one where we followed the wagon. It would have saturated the story; because I want to see her, and the pieces fed like a hungry dog bones.

Frisky entry will reveal more of the plot than the rest of the game.

The fight will be dynamic, feel a duel with an opponent, but very superficial. This simplification enhances the role component to the detriment of aksenovoy. Not enough smart enemies and at least one step close to the slasher combat system. Section fights do not match the quality of the adventure.

There are small, personal, claim. Here are two of the twilight creatures, the guards Zanta, different from the rest. I thought it was gonna be the boss in his lair, or reinforced type opponents. If I am not mistaken, we do not see after two movies.

Fishing is only boring and unnecessary work. It has reserved a special pond that is worth a visit not because of the fish. In sum, these cons are irrelevant. The Legend of Zelda is about the gameplay, and it is near to the ideal.

In Ocarina, that the Princess, the final battle — a beautiful theatrical performance.

Don’t miss a good game!

The main impression which was left by The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the feeling of a carefree holiday when you take the controller in hand. Not thoughtless, as the farm legendary in Diablo 3, filled with light, allowing to leave the game with a smile and not with irritation.

Do not get tired to say that the efforts and game design teams Eiji Aonuma impressive as ever. Every seemingly decorative element has a function and works with the precision of a Swiss watch.

From the small details make the whole process. For example, after each boss drops an additional heart to your scale of HP. One of the bosses — seeking friend good monster. Thanks to their love after the reunification everywhere scattered hearts along with a great prize. Just a decorative item, but did you know. And do it all the time.

This is a great game. I rarely used this epithet. For her to fully relax without experiencing any discomfort. She brilliantly cope with all the tasks for which taken. The best Zelda, not taking into account the last.

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